Out of Psychoanalysis: Ficto-Criticism

Publisher Artspeak
Author(s)Randolph, Jeanne
Year Published2012
ISBN / ISSN #9780921394
Summary / KeywordsOut of Psychoanalysis is a collection of essays and ficto-criticism from Winnipeg-based cultural critic Jeanne Randolph. Composed between 2005-2011, the texts include psychoanalytic responses to contemporary art exhibitions, a collection of vignettes, lamentations on capitalism, and a contrived history of Canadian ficto-criticism. The books address a diverse range of subjects including the Cucumber Mosaic virus, Bob Dylan, Sigmund Freud, insects at the bottom of a river in Winnipeg, and the colour blue.
Data Sourcehttp://artspeak.ca/out-of-psychoanalysis-launch/
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