ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 12

ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 12
ArtistsCummins, Jim; Braineater, I; Koen, Ingrid; Tate, Kent; Larkin, Terry; Storey, Alan; Dexter, Kempton; Gulezko, Walter; De Pape, George; Duschenes, Julie; Cumming, Donigan; Keating, Andrew; Beverly Sisters; Ricketts, Kathryn; Bullock, Michael
AuthorBaker, Noel; Balkind, Alvin; Bodie; Carrico, Jim; Daniel, Barbara; Davis, Todd; Duschesnes, Julie; Hopper, Hedy; Kaplan, Joel; Little, Billy; Oraf; Parkin, Andrew; Pollack, Jill; Rafferty, Keray; Robson, Charles; Roundell, David; Sky, Steven; Varney, Ed;
Date MonthMarch
Summary"ISSUE is a magazine devoted to the visual arts in Vancouver. It is produced by and for Vancouver artists." (Issue V.1 No.3). Produced by an editorial board including: Jim Carrico, Barbara Daniel, Lorna Mulligan. Cover by J. Cummins. Interviews of J. Cummins by H. Hopper + The Braineater Story, The Beverly Sisters by B. Daniel; Reviews of T. Larkin & A. Storey (T. Davis), K. Dextor (H. Wood), W. Gulezko (N. Baker), G. De Pape (Bodie), Signs of Enchantment (E. Varney), D. Cumming (K. Wallace), A. Keating (Zonko), "Visual Poems for the Ill at Ease" (D. Roundell), "Me II Self-portrait Show" (J. Weaving), "The Longview" (Oraf), "I Love a Look" (K. Rafferty), "The Vancouver Opera" (J. H. Kaplan), Katheryn Ricketts (B. Little), "Lines in the Dark"/M. Bullock (A. Parkin), "A History of the Nishga Land Claims"/D. Raunet (J. Carrico); Essays by A. Balkind (Millstones of Venice), by S. Sky (Cometographia), by Oraf (Insect Car Cullture & Ramses Down Their Throats and see if they Choke), by C. Robson (Wired Radio), by J. Carrico (Radical Feminism meets Albanian Mulroneyism) and by J. Pollack (Censorship), Two comics by D. Boswell, and and Statement by J. Duschesnes. Starting this issue, comes with a cassette companion. VANCOUVER, ARC, VAG, PAINTING, SCULPTURE, DRAWING, ARCHITECTURE, PHOTOGRAPHY, INSTALLATION, PUNK, JAZZ, COMICS, VIDEO, THEATRE, MUSIC, NOIZE, FEMINISM, BOOKS, DANCE, PERFORMANCE.
MediaVideo, Audio, Community-based practice, Creative Writing, Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Music, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Sound art, Video, Other
NotesColour covers with 68 b/w internal pages. Includes an extensive gallery listing for the Vancouver area on pages 67-68, and a Letters on pages p. 62-66.