ISSUE magazine Vol. 3 No. 2

ISSUE magazine Vol. 3 No. 2
ArtistsHiggs, Matthew; Wallace, Ian; Coulombe, Derek; Coulombe, Sydney; Lycan, Kelly; Skinner, Ben; Grauer, Perrin; Coupland, Douglas; Puppyteeth, Jaik; Chambers, Justine; Kearns, Rhys; Lachmann, Mike; Hamilton, Peter; Garner, Ben; Rammell, George; Lee, Ben; Steel, Delany; Howko, Julia;
Curator(s)Tan, Natalie
Author(s)Wojtyra, Antoni; McNab, Brynn; Killo, Madison; Dickieson, Jenn; Grauer, Perrin; Stewart, Carla; Pathman, Soraya; Mardon, Alexa; Howell, Dana; Higgins, Keith
Year Published2014
Month PublishedJuly
ISBN / ISSN #08241368
Summary / KeywordsNearly thirty years after the publication of its second volume, ISSUE magazine re-launched in April 2013 at UNIT/PITT Projects in Vancouver. It is a self-described magazine of “mostly local culture", managed by contributing editor B. McNab, and printed & bound by Publication Studio Vancouver. The second ISSUE is 'slightly themed towards art school graduation shows' and contains interviews with Derek & Sydney Coulombe (B. McNab), R. Poole (C. Stewart); reviews of K. Lycan (SFU Gal. Burnaby by M. Killo), M. Higgs and I. Wallace (Apartment, by A. Wojtyra), D. Coupland (VAG by S. Pathman), B. Skinner (Back Gallery Projects by J. Dickieson), Family Dinners with J. Chambers (A. Mardon); notes on drawing by P. Grauer; art by J. Puppyteeth, R. Kerns and A. Vetrova; and two short reviews by K. Higgins and D. Howell. VANCOUVER, ARC, DANCE, PAINTING, INSTALLATION, SCULPTURE, PHOTOGRAPHY, MONOCHROME, DRAWING, ILLUSTRATION
MediaCommunity-based practice, Creative Writing, Design, Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Photography, Print Media, Sculpture, Site-specific art, Text-based art
NotesColour covers by Brick Press, with 39 b/w interior pages.