ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 2

ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 2
ArtistsMarshall, Vicky; Clarkes, Lincoln; Lum, Ken; Marshall, Vicky; Porter, Rosalyn; Davis, Todd; Kane, Josie; Swartz, Burrell; Tate, Kent; White, Danna; Boswell, David E.
Author(s)Wallace, Keith; Carrico, Jim; Gow, Sandy; Daniel, Barbara; Swartz, Burrell; Hopper, Hedy
Year Published1983
Month PublishedNovember
Summary / Keywords"The purpose of this magazine is, above all, to cover the art scene in Vancouver... to be a forum of different opinions... We hope that the energy and enthusiasm generated by the October Show and the opening of the re-located Vancouver Art Gallery can be maintained". Produced by an editorial board including: Jim Carraco, Barbara Daniel, Sandy Gow, Mark Grady, Lorna Mulligan, and Danna White; with thanks to Dianne Wood. Cover art by V. Marshall. Opening remarks by H. Hopper, interviews with L. Clarkes & R. Porter, and T. Davis & J. Kane by B. Daniel; interview with K. Tate by J. Carrico; monologue by B. Swartz. Second ISSUE includes photos of October Show opening by D. White, a letter and reply section, a crossword, a comic by D. E. Boswell, and reviews of L Clarkes (K. Wallace), K. Lum (J. Carrico) and V. Marshall (S. Gow). VANCOUVER, ARC, VAG, OCTOBER SHOW
MediaCreative Writing, Drawing, Illustration, Photography, Other
NotesB/W covers with 24 interior pages total. Includes an extensive gallery listing for the Vancouver area as a centre fold, and detailed gallery map on the inner back cover.