Anamnesia: Unforgetting

Anamnesia: Unforgetting
ArtistsDahl, Crista; Hoover, Richard; American Indian Treaty Council; Goldberg, Leni; Mogulescu, Miles, AIM; Optic Nerve; Berg, Peter; House, Alma; Darger, Jan; Lacey, Daryl; Burtness, Paul; Culhane, Claire; Black, Byron; Oliveros, Marlin; C.A.D.A.; Boschman, Lorna; Kuramoto, Ken; Amelia Productions; Rosenfeld, Lotty; Salas, Pablo; Wright, Jane; Diamond, Sara; Rommell, Rich
Author(s)Bradley, Sharon; Dahl, Crista; Kazymerchyk, Amy; Mancini, Donato; Muir, Alex; Nicholson, Cecily
Year Published2012
ISBN / ISSN #0988094611
Summary / KeywordsThe publication is a catalogue for video screening events taking place in November of 2012, and includes an introduction by Sharon Bradley on the history of the Satellite Video Exchange Society (SVES), and the emergence of the Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive. Amy Kazymerchyk contextualizes the curator’s programmes, and their collaboration with VIVO over a four years time-span. Alex Muir extrapolates upon early artist-television pioneer Byron Black’s international practice. Donato Mancini situates his curatorial frame within broader discourses on polytemporality, polyrhythmia, and the archive, in literature, cinema, and poetry. Cecily Nicholson reflects upon the legacy of the Oglala Sioux and American Indian Movement stand at Wounded Knee, among other political and cultural engagement. All contributors interviewed Crista Dahl about the inception of the video library and viewing lounge at SVES’ first Powell St. location, the international outreach of the Satellite Video Exchange project, the evolution of the library & archive, and its collaboration with Video Out Distribution. VIDEO, ARCHIVE, HISTORY, NEW MEDIA, ACTIVISM, TECHNOLOGY
MediaVideo, Community-based practice, Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Sound art, Video, Other
Hard Copy Location VIVO Media Arts Centre
NotesThe publication is 200 pages, with 16 colour plates of video stills, numerous black and white photos of the original video library and viewing lounge at 261 Powell St., postcards, letters, and day book and log books scans, from the archive’s print collection. The publication is designed by The Future.