Video Out Distribution 1990

Video Out Distribution 1990
ArtistsMetcalfe, Reece; Sarahan, Joe; Boschman, Lorna
Author(s)Reinhardt, Jeanette; Knights, Karen; Lang, Paul
Year Published1990
Summary / KeywordsVideo Distribution Catalogue by The Satellite Video Exchange Society. Over 350 titles or so by approximately 160 independent producers, mostly Canadian but with content by producers from the U. S., Chile, Japan, England, Germany and the Netherlands as well. Editing by Jeanette Reinhardt and assisted by K. Knights & P. Lang. Photographs by L. Boschman, R. Metcalfe & J. Sarahan. Design by J. Sarahan. VIDEO, PERFORMANCE, DANCE, INSTALLATION.
MediaVideo, Installation, Performance
Hard Copy Location VIVO Media Arts Centre
Notes44 pages total.