Out of Place

ArtistsBontogon, Eric; Butler, Margot Leigh; Chang, Ana; Edelstein, Susan; Holman, Shaira; Jones, Amy; Jones, Lizard; Mollineaux, Melinda; Naylor, Margaret; Sui, River; Tsang, Henry; Vaasjo, Anne; Weaving, Jill P.
Curator(s)Gage, Darlene
Author(s)Larson, Jacqueline; Gagnon, Monika; Edmunds, Sandra
Year Published1993
ISBN / ISSN #0969368534
Summary / KeywordsIn the context of an exhibition of works by 13 artists exploring alternatives to gallery exhibitions and focused upon place as belonging, Larson discusses community in relation to the "exoticism" of ethnic groups and the acceptance of a lesbian home. Gagnon examines works investigating identity changes, with reference to the Asian-Canadian experience and a woman's dual religious identity. Edmunds focuses upon works looking at the roles women assume within families. Includes printed components of four works. Alternative gallery exhibitions; Exoticism; Lesbian issues in Art; Asian-Canadian identity; Religious identity; Female domestic role; Noncommercial culture;
TypeCatalogue – Event
MediaCommunity-based practice, Print Media, Text-based art
Data Sourcehttp://e-artexte.ca/6057/
NotesCredit to e-artexte.ca Biographical notes. 25 bibl. ref. Project dates: 1 July 1992 - 30 June 1993, including panel discussions : "In Search of Communities", 31 oct. 1992 ; "Assumed Communities" and "Determining Values", 7 Nov. 1992.