Trespass 1

ArtistsGupta, Sunil
Curator(s)Wall, Jeff
Author(s)Bailey, David; Valdes Figuero, David; Rodriguez, Hilda
Year Published1994
ISBN / ISSN #0920751512
Summary / KeywordsBook produced on the occasion of Sunil Gupta's Trespass 1 show at the CAG in 1994. Featured essays by an array of authors and photodocumentation by artist. Nationalism; dislocation; trespassing; anxiety; photojournalism; racial and sexual exploration; private and public space;
Data SourceContemporary Art Gallery Library
Notes2 copies onsite: box 3 - bc cag Artist's cv included. Exh dates: Mar 5 - Apr 9, 1994 Second essay available in spanish.