Re-writing and re-reading "Tourism I and II"

ArtistsAtkinson, Terry; Gill, Don
Curator(s)Jeffries, Bill
Author(s)Jeffries, Bill (intro); Atkinson, Terry
Year Published1990
ISBN / ISSN #0920751326
Summary / KeywordsFirst publication in a planned series of writings by artists on the subject of their work. Terry Atkinson re-reads and re-writes his photographs and prints from the exhibition held at the CAG named "Tourism I and II" with Don Gill in 1990. Post-production analysys; politics of tourism; liberalism; politics of modernism; metaphysical homelessness; consumerism; curatorship;
MediaCreative Writing, Photography, Print Media, Text-based art
Data SourceContemporary Art Gallery Library
Notes2 copies on site: box 2 - bc cag