The Poem Company: Phase Three

ArtistsCopithorne, Judy; Rappaport, Henry; Sharon, Mike; Morrissey, Stephen; Berger, Barbara; Varney, Edwin; Sensory Experucation; Baskin, Leonard; Whittington, Les; Hartley, Wes; Payack, Peter; Padgett, Wayne; Shiraishi, Kazuko; Ewing, Wain; Candelaria, Frederick; Sommer, Richard; Douglas, Fred; Hunter, Paul; Sward, Robert; Terral, Jim; Suknaski, Andrew; Sward, Edwin; Ford, Cathy; Hoffman, Avron; uu, david; Hansen, Ken; The People's Republic of Poetry; The Northwest Mounted Valise; Bureau de la Poesie; Buffalo Ghost Dance Productions; Lander, Tim; Groh, Klaus; Helicopter Art Coy; Mercado, Santiago; Miller, Errol; Staveley, Ian; La France, Peter; Fertig, Mona; Binns, Ron; Musgrave, Susan; Heyman, Jorj; West, David S.; Orlovich, Walter; Stone, Arlene; Morrisey, Stephan; Mr. Eric Ivan Berg; Krieger, Ian; Lippert, Lora; Nyberg, Morgan; Douglas, Fred
Year Published1977
ISBN / ISSN #088956051x
Summary / KeywordsAnthology of contemporary poetry, which first appeared as The Poem Company Magazine. Entire contents of issues were collected and reissued in a 500 copy edition (with 50 hardbound ISBN 0-88956-052-8).
MediaCreative Writing
NotesNon paginated, approx. 150 pages. Covers by following artists: No. 1 - L. Baskin; No. 2 - F. Douglas; No. 3 - E. Varney; No. 7 - P. Picasso, back cover - Alan Gallett.