Politically Speaking

ArtistsBienvenue, Marcella; McKeough, Rita; Scott, Mary
Curator(s)Conley, Christine
Author(s)Conley, Christine; Donaldson, Sue
Year Published1988
Summary / KeywordsCatalogue for a group exhibition of political works by Marcella Bienvenue, Rita McKeough and Mary Scott, originally presented by Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton. Foreword by Sue Donaldson for the Floating Curatorial Gallery at Women in Focus. Acknowledgements and essay by guest curator C. Conley. POLITICS; FEMINISM
MediaSocial Practice
NotesExhibition presented by The Floating Curatorial Gallery at Women in Focus. Exhibition dates: January 13 - February 27, 1988. Original dates at Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton: March 5 - April 13, 1986.