D'Or : Notes on Collaboration

Publisher Or Gallery
ArtistsAvramescu, Octav; Birch, Jesse; Hermant, Sydney; Lee, Jane; Munro, Kim; Pravincencu, Anamaria; Recorder (Jesse Birch + Kim Munro); Santizo, Igor; Auld, Warren; Battersby, Cooper; Bitter, Sabine; Boyle, Shary; Burke, Johanna; Dawes, Terrence; Dilling, Matt; Doyle, Maura; Duke, Emily Vey; Ehman, Shayne; Evans, Scott; Finhern, Matthew; Knox, Una; Laba, Robyn; Lasek, Jace; Lee, Tim; Lockhart, Amy; Mclean, Jason; Oksanen, Shannon; Slade, Kathy; Sworn, Corin; Ward, Holly; Weber, Helmut; Farley, Lesley
Curator(s)Hermant, Sydney
Author(s)Sworn, Corin; Pravicencu, Anamaria; Santizo, Igor; Laba, Robyn; O'Brian, Melanie; Knox, Una; Derksen, Jeff; Dawes, Terence; Hermant, Sydney; Avramescu, Octav;
Year Published2003
ISBN / ISSN #1895005264
Summary / KeywordsThis catalogue contains essays and images related to exhibitions presented at the Or Gallery in 2002. Includes 16 texts, covering a wide range of issues in relation to selected artists' projects (the majority of which are collaborative in nature). COLLABORATION; APPROPRIATION; ARCHITECTURE; FEMINISM; HUMOUR; KITSCH; LANGUAGE; NARRATIVE; TECHNOLOGY; TELEVISION; ADOLESCENCE; AGENCY; ANIMALS; ANIMATION; AUTHORITY; DETRITUS; EVERYDAY OBJECT; FRAGILITY; IDENTITY; IMAGINATION; IMPROVISATION; MELANCHOLY; MONEY; OUTSIDER ART; PLAY; POPULAR CULTURE; RACE; READING; SHELTER; SITUATIONISM; SONG; SPORT; SUBLIME; TRANSFORMATION; TRANSLATION; UTOPIA;
MediaArchitecture, Community-based practice, Multidisciplinary, Music, Web-based art
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