Charlene Vickers, Judy Chartrand : Two/many Tribulations

Publisher grunt gallery
ArtistsCharlene Vickers, Judy Chartrand.
CuratorDaina Warren
AuthorDaina Warren
SummaryWarren highlights Vickers and Chartrand's exploration of Native (Anishnabe and Cree) identity in "Two/many Tribulations." Issues addressed include: the impact of colonialism and commercialism on Native culture; the interweaving of contemporary experience and traditional Native crafts/techniques; and how both artists reclaim their cultural histories through naming and relabeling. NATIVE IDENTITY; COLONIALISM; FIRST NATIONS CULTURE; CONTEMPORARY/TRADITIONAL; MOCCASINS; CABINET; RORSCHACH TEST; PHILOSTRATUS
MediaCommunity-based practice, Craft, Fibre art, Social Practice
Data Sourcee-artexte
Hard Copy Location Artexte, grunt gallery
NotesWarren, Daina. Charlene Vickers, Judy Chartrand : Two/many Tribulations. Vancouver, BC: Grunt Gallery, 2004. Exhibition dates: 9 Sept. - 2 Oct. 2004, Grunt Gallery (Vancouver).