Boo Magazine (#8)

Publisher BOO Magazine
ArtistsAnderson, Patrik; Gomez-Pena, Guillermo; Sifuentes, Roberto; Gilbert, Gerry; Hudson, Peter; Mollineaux, Melinda; Moure, Erin; Murfitt, Warren; Ngai, Sianne; Nolte, Jacqui; Linsley, Robert; Hogg, Lucy; Cuesta, Claudia; Macklem, Jennifer; Sebidi, Mmakgabo; Oksanen, Shannon
Author(s)Mollineaux, Melinda; Ferguson, Deanna; McCrum, Phillip; Shier, Reid.
Year Published1996
ISBN / ISSN #12031801
Summary / KeywordsEighth issue of Boo Magazine featuring letters, poems, art ads, exhibition reviews, essays and interviews by various writers and artists. Art Magazines; Isolation; Desire; Imposture; Power Structures; Whiteness; Identity Politics; Volumizer; South African Art; Modern Marriage; Apartheid Memories; North/South American relations; Latin American Race; Latin American Culture; Chicano Cultural Institutions.
MediaCreative Writing, Drawing, Painting, Performance, Print Media, Sculpture, Text-based art
Data SourceMorris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Archives
Notes@ Morris and Belkin: 10 copies in Box 3, Folder 20.0.23 / 3-2