Latest Publications

Between departure and arrival (1997)

Chicken Feet, Duck Limbs and Dada Handshakes (1984)

The D├ęcor Project (2006)

Distance of Distinct Vision (1992)


The F Word

The Fragility of Origins (1994)

Immersion (1983)

Jiangnan: Modern and Contemporary Art from South of the Yangzi River (1998)

Living Art Vancouver (1979)

Lurch (1991)

Two Places at Once: Transfigured Wood Part IV (1986)

Origins (1989)

Re-Inventing the Diva (1998)

Recipes for an Encounter (2009)

Recipes for an Encounter (2009)


Western Front Video (1984)

~Scope (1999)

To Shine (1992)

Let's Play Doctor RX : Undoing the Ruse of Clinical Objectivity and Its Pathological Placement of the Feminine (1993)

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Johannes Zits, Thecla Schiphorst, Charles Rea : Altered Visions (1998)

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Hadley Howes, Stephen Maxwell : Negotiating Desire (1999)

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Cop Puppet (1999)

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Sifted : The Read Room (2001)

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A Set of Suspicions (2001)

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